• Softscapes

  • Concrete Landscapes works diligently with all their clients in the design & implementation of all facets of the Softscape landscape plan, including utilizing our Staff who have graduated from Horticultural programs at Ontario colleges.

    Starting with determining what style of Garden the client wants, to designing the layout of the beds and ultimately the preferred specimens, we then present that information to a horticulturist, at the client's preferred nursery for any additional suggestions, before obtaining the client's approval. Clients are given the option of purchasing the plant material with or without warranty, from the nursery. All plant material is planted with Triplex Mix, Starter Fertilzer and Topsoil and staked if required.

    Mulches, when used in conjunction with landscape fabric, provide an effective barrier against weeds and unwanted vegetation.

    Wood Mulch is the most popular choice for a number of reasons but it will break down and get absorbed into the garden soil if landscape fabric isn’t used, requiring annual or bi-annual replacement.

    Crushed Granite or Brick, River Rock, Clear Stone, and Pea Stone are some examples of Aggregate Mulches that work most effectively with landscape fabric. These don’t require replacement, but will be higher priced in some cases.

    Sodding, including full lawn replacement is another service provided by Concrete Landscapes. Lawn replacement usually involves stripping and excavating of the present Sod to the depth as per the clients specifications before adding Topsoil and Starter Fertilizer. The Sod is then laid, rolled and staked where necessary and watered in.