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    Whether your project consists of a Patio, Walkway, Front Entrance, Driveway or a Pool Deck, our installations include a wide variety of Paving products from the 5 major manufacturers of concrete hardscape products.  They include Standard, Aged, Antique and Cobble paving stones, Architectural Tiles or Slabs, Porcelain Tiles and Permeable or Enviro Pavers, which come in numerous textures, colours, sizes, shapes and thickness, many of which can be combined to be laid in different patterns, to create a stunning landscape.  Concrete Overlay systems are also available from some manufacturers, allowing you to cover old concrete Porches, Steps and Decks, including the vertical riser that can be matched to the colour your home, Patio, Walkway or Driveway.  Natural Flagstone, whether it is random or square cut, gives you a rustic look, for that 'back to nature' ambience, usually associated with Stone or Older Homes.  Pool Decks are also our specialty as well as Pool Copings, whether dry laid or mortared.