• Hardscapes

  • Hardscapes refers to the ‘Built’ environment, using inanimate objects or products that are comprised of Concrete or Natural Stone materials, including Paved areas, like Patios, Walkways and Driveways or Vertical Structures like Retaining and Garden Walls, Steps and Pillars.

    Hardscape products will add value to your home immediately and don’t deteriorate over time like asphalt or wood products can, so it is considered an excellent investment. They also provide unparalleled beauty and the engineered strength you require. All products come in a variety of textures and colours. Also, in the last couple years, due to growing demand, many manufacturers have introduced smooth or polished contemporary products that mimic the look of inside porcelain or ceramic flooring. Also new in 2014 and expanded this year from Techo-Bloc, is a Wood Grain texture version of Pavers, Steps, Walls and Edges, that are very authentic looking.